Presentation PRF - Gás de Moçambique, Lda.

PRF - Gás de Moçambique, Lda. is a Mozambican company based in Matola, Maputo and a subsidiary of PRF - Gás Tecnologia e Construção, SA.

PRF - Gás de Moçambique, Lda. is a company accredited by the Ministry of Energy as a Gas Network Installer Entity with the respective License, and a subsidiary of the company PRF Gás, Tecnologia e Construção, SA (Portuguese company).

Founded in 2009, the company "PRF - Gás de Moçambique, Lda", has developed its activity in the area of combustible gases.

The beginning of its activity takes place in the domestic networks of gas use, with special focus on new buildings under construction.

With urban growth comes the need to provide the new urban areas with piped gas distribution infrastructures, and for this PRF has equipped itself with the means and technology to meet this need, thus beginning the activity of construction of gas distribution networks.

Natural Gas being a reality in Maputo, the activity of providing services and technical assistance to private and public piped gas networks emerged, to which we guarantee all kinds of support, from construction, operation, management and maintenance of the various gas distribution networks.

Inserted in a very industrialized geographical area, and with many potential industrial consumers of natural gas / LPG, it was necessary to infrastructure the industrial units of usage networks for this energy. Thus began the industrial infrastructure activity.

Combining the knowledge acquired in the industrial area, and with the expansion of natural gas distribution, the construction of gas regulation and measurement stations (CMS) of different pressure classes was started in accordance with the needs, from the reduction stations of the transport pipelines, through the reduction stations of local distribution networks, to the reduction stations for various industrial uses.

We believe that continuous investment in research and development is our path.

Today, "PRF - Gás de Moçambique Lda" is made up of a vast team of technicians, with a high degree of training and competence, duly supported by the best resources, capable of giving immediate answers, from Feasibility Studies to Projects, Technical Solutions, Execution of Works, Technical Monitoring of the same, Licensing, Commissioning and Maintenance.

The solidity of the company is based on three factors: Human Resources, Technical Quality in the service provided, and Delivery Deadlines.

Feeling the need to standardize the production and administrative processes, it implemented in 2022 the Quality Management System (NM ISO 9001:2015) which is in the certification process.

The focus on Quality Certification is assumed as a strategic option for the company's growth, but above all, it will allow all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and society in general) to have the assurance that the activities developed by PRF are carried out taking into account the best management practices.


Areas of Expertise 

  • Engineering, studies and projects;
  • Networks construction, installations and gas equipment;
  • Technical assistance and maintenance