Industrial Gas Networks

Being this an extremely rigorous and specific business area, PRF evaluates and develops customized solutions for each industrial client. These services address all major consumers, such as factories, hotels, hospitals, schools, among others.


Areas of expertise

  • Energetic audit
  • Feasibility studies for changing fuel
  • Project and construction management
  • Equipment selection and manufacturing
  • Facilities construction
  • Testing, licensing documentation preparation and facilities commissioning
  • Combustion and conversion systems
  • Burners and burning systems supply
  • Maintenance and technical assistance 


Metering and Pressure Regulating Stations (RMS)

Stations setup for the pressure decrease and metering, throughout the cycle gas, ensuring the project, performance and future maintenance, as well as the technical service assistance.


Areas of expertise 

  • Project Execution and Construction Management
  • Definition and selection of the required equipment
  • Manufacturing of CE labeled equipment
  • RMS build and assembly for any pressure range
  • Testing, licensing documentation preparation and facilities setup
  • Maintenance, operation and technical assistance