ECP | Ecocerâmica e Cristalaria de Portugal

The energy transition and the decarbonization of industries require the introduction of new equipment and technological solutions to replace fossil fuels with decarbonized fuels. PRF - Gas Solutions, which aims to remain a leading company in renewable gas technologies, needs to offer the market solutions that enable the use of these renewable and decarbonized gases, which means developing technologies that do not yet exist on the market.

The energy transition presents major challenges for all sectors. Participating in a consortium with the ceramics and crystal industries, which typically consume natural gas, allows us to test and validate the technological solutions needed for decarbonization and the use of renewable gases. Being part of ECP | Ecocerâmica e Cristalaria de Portugal allows PRF - Gas Solutions to develop these technologies and minimize the risks associated with the investments needed to create the equipment indispensable to the industry.